The Meditation Guides

From left to right- Lauren and Jin

Here at the San Diego Meditation Center, our meditation guides are professional and compassionate towards all individuals ensuring the best quality experience. We dedicate our time to helping others achieve true happiness and freedom, through our simple and effective meditation method. It is our honor to serve you, and help you to reach the state of true happiness!

Lauren who recently just moved here from Teaneck, NJ has been practicing this form of meditation for more than 10 years and guiding for more than 5 years. She has practiced as a Registered Nurse in the operating room for 4 years, before deciding to become a full time meditation guide. She always has felt that her purpose was to help others and heal others. Through the method, she claims this is the best medicine for all mental and physical ailments. Her biggest happiness is making others happy.

Jin has been meditating for over 18 years and has been guiding this form of meditation for more than 10 years. After practicing Buddhism and even becoming a getting certified as a Buddhist preacher, still she had a lot of unfulfilled questions about life. Once enlightening to her True Self after just 1 month of our meditation method, all of her questions were solved. After deep introspection, she decided to become a full time meditation guide and lead others to achieve human completion. She finds this is the most rewarding work, and enjoys cooking delicious meals for others. She is kind, sincere, and always smiling. She hopes that many people can meet this meditation.